Fit Technology
BYLT For Better Performance.

Fit Technology
Let's Get You Fitted

Our team spends countless rigorous days developing "The Perfect Fit." You're going to find a fit so solid at BYLT; it's like we fitted our garments just for you. Developing "The Perfect Fit" isn't easy, but we welcome the challenge. 

Find the perfect fit for you
Fit Is A Science

We're introducing 'Fit' and 'Science,' and it's a match. Each garment from BYLT Apparel is rigorously tested before it's available for sale or pre-order. We use modern facilities to test stretch, compression, durability, and more.

Fit Technology
Re-Thinking Everyday Basics

Our products are BYLT for you. We are dedicated to providing the next generation of everyday basics. Enjoy style, performance, & quality with all of our products. From the bedroom to the office to the gym to date night you will look & feel good all day in your BYLT gear.

Find the perfect fit for you

BYLT Basics™ is developing new cut and sew techniques, higher fabric standards, and testing methods to create the perfect fit. Everyday Basics have been reinvented.

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BYLT Basics Sizing Guide
The Drop-Cut V.1
BYLT Apparel Longcut Shirt Size
Size: S M L XL XXL
Chest Size: 34-38" 39-41" 42-44" 45-48" 49-52"
Sleeve Length: 8 2/8" 8 4/8" 8 5/8" 9" 9 4/8"